My Backsplash Dreams

A few months ago, my amazing Dad put up a backsplash for me in my kitchen. I bribed him with dinner but that wouldn't even begin to cover how much time and effort he ended up putting into it. A project that we were expecting would take one day, turned into three. He blames it on the intricate design that I chose. Of course I wanted the hardest tile to put up! I'm always causing trouble. I knew I wanted marble and I had a few different inspirational pictures I loved, but wasn't sure which pattern I should go with. I was in love with this backsplash that Bower Power had done a couple years ago and I have similar open shelves like she does, so I knew it would work and look amazing.

I went to The Tile Shop to see what my options where and on a completely personal level, they where amazing to work with. They have endless options of all price ranges and are extremely helpful. So after having way too many options I had narrowed it down to these three. 

I couldn't decide. I really wanted something more classic, which would mean going with the herringbone, but my heart had been set on what I had seen Bower Power do. So of course I went to Pinterest! And that's when I saw this picture and my heart melted. I NEEDED this backsplash in my kitchen!

So I decided that herringbone was the way to go and am so happy with the way it turned out! Here are a few detailed pictures of my kitchen but I can't wait to share more when the whole thing is completed! 

- Meg

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